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2017/18 Travel Basketball Registration


Welcome to 2017/18 Travel Basketball Registration!

Thank you for participating in Eagan Traveling Basketball!  We look forward to another great season this Winter.

2017 Registration fees for players entering 4th or 5th grade is $395.00 and for players in 6th -8th grade is $420.00.  Both fees include a non-refundable $35 tryout fee. The 2017 rates now include the Grade State Tournament at the end of the year in addition to regular tournaments.

ETB holds registration one time per year during the period of June 15th - July 31st for the following fall/winter season.  Registration is held as part of Eagan Athletic Association's fall sports registration period.

Early registration is very important as the Board uses registration numbers to decide how many teams will be formed at each grade level and then to enter those teams in area tournaments for the upcoming season.  Because of this fact, Eagan Basketball Association elected to impose a $50.00 late fee for any registrations received from August 1st - August 15th.

Note: Additional team costs may apply.  These may include but are not limited to: extra tournaments, professional group training sessions, hotel costs, other group activities, etc.

Registration Costs

$395 for 4th - 5th grade

$420 for 6th - 8th grade

Cost from August 1st to August 15th (includes non-refundable $35 tryout fee):

$445 for 4th - 5th grade

$470 for 6th - 8th grade

 Payment Options are online only

  • Credit Card: VISA, Discover or Mastercard
  • Check card: from your checking account
  • Offline (check payments) will NOT be accepted

To begin registration: Click on the CONTINUE button below or log in at the bottom of the page (scroll down).

Refund Policy

If your child decided not to tryout, you are entitled to a full refund of your registration fee. A refund will automatically be issued, shortly after tryouts for any player who did not make a team. However, the $35 tryout fee will be not be returned.  In addition, a refund may be requested for any reason if the request is made prior to September 1st.  

No refunds will be made for any player that makes a team after tryouts are complete!


Participating in travel basketball is a significant commitment for children, parents, and coaches.

The expectation of ETB is that travel basketball is the primary activity for those who choose to participate. Scheduling conflicts inevitably occur, but whenever possible should be avoided.

ETB’s playing time policy makes exceptions for those participants who do not regularly attend practices or games:

Coaches can deviate from the guidelines under “extenuating circumstances or situations” such as: a player repeatedly missing practice, player behavioral problems, player injuries, etc. During the traveling basketball season, basketball practices and tournaments should take precedence over activities other than family, church or school functions. If a player misses practices or games due to participation in another sport or activity, the coach is not required to abide by the fair and equal playing time guidelines.


Coaching Candidates

Anyone who has any interest in coaching should submit an application.  Teams that do not have a coach after the pooling process is complete may have to disband if a coach cannot be secured.  Even if you believe other parents in your daughter/son's grade will coach, you are encouraged to submit an application in case a pool does not have enough coaching candidates.  The coaching candidates deadline is July 31st, the same as the registration deadline.


Questions can be directed to:

Jason Schmidt